• Global Trade Management. End-to-End Assurance.

    Partner with the best. Livingston scales best-in-class trade solutions to augment your team with the right talent, business processes, and technology. Reduce your cost, risk, and cycle time. Reliably.

    Lower your costs.

    Trade has many cost-lowering opportunities. Trade agreements, manufacturing regimes and proper classification are just a few ways to ensure effective and accurate duty management. Streamline your supply chain and develop measurable best practices.

    Get to market faster.

    Time is money. We eliminate bottlenecks in your supply chain, ensure accurate product classification, improve operational performance, and accelerate delivery/payment cycle times. You get to market ahead of the competition.

    Free up resources.

    The right partners free up valuable resources. That is our skill. When you strengthen your trade compliance program with our experts, you are better able to focus on your core competencies. We integrate with your supply chain and hit your targets. Consistently.

    Drive your team’s results. With our team’s global trade experience.

    Our regional teams support your local needs, whether it’s managing European Union in-transit reporting or meeting complex Hong Kong licensing requirements. We can help you obtain relief from duty and taxes through free trade agreements, special trade programs, Inward Processing Relief/Outward Processing Relief or IMMEX. You’ll maintain the lowest total landed cost for your end-to-end global supply chain. Every time you trade. Everywhere you trade.

    Global Trade Management Services

    Import Operations Solutions

    Increase profitability. We help by refining your global supply chain partnerships, tracking international vendor performance, managing your duty program, and keeping you well informed of changes to regulatory requirements.

    Export Operations Solutions

    Achieve compliance excellence for unrestricted marketplace access. We’ll manage your export licenses, export documentation, and restricted party screening requirements anywhere you trade. Globally.

    Global Product Data Management

    Develop a global passport for all your products. We help you build one that includes HTS codes, ECCNs, and Schedule B numbers, for a start. Attach unique product attributes, such as FDA and FCC information, to reduce risk and cycle time.

    U.S./Mexico Border Solutions

    Mexico poses unique challenges. We help you reduce costs and the risk of penalties. Make the most of the government’s new “Single Window” as you drive process efficiency. Grow your stake in Mexico’s developing economy.

    Master global trade challenges.

    With all the talent, process, and technology you need.

    Many businesses with a global footprint struggle with inconsistent practices and procedures at their various country locations. We can help you automate those processes with the right technology, and find the right people to ensure consistent compliance.

    Be confident with definable, repeatable processes.

    Be confident with definable, repeatable processes.

    Your internal control processes are the backbone of your trade compliance program. We tailor airtight process solutions with control points and metrics to drive continuous improvement.

    Automate for speed to market.

    Automate for speed to market.

    Automation is acceleration. Supported by accurate product data, automation is the key to staying informed and getting your shipments to supply chain partners and clients as quickly as possible.

    Know you have the right people.

    Know you have the right people.

    As your business grows, so do the challenges of staffing for international trade. Let us fill your team’s skill gaps. We augment your staff to ensure uncompromised performance wherever you trade.

    A trusted partner. With global reach.

    Scale. Experience. Talent. Relationships. Let Livingston help you get to market faster, stay ahead of the competition, and protect your bottom line. Our numbers will improve yours.

    $2 billion

    in duty overpayment saved by our top 10 clients every year

    1.4 million

    import customs entries managed annually

    2.6 million

    solicitations performed each year

    2 million

    denied party screenings performed annually

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    your international trade practices.

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