Tax Administration Service (SAT) issues requirements for the payment of VAT and IEPS Certification fees from previous years

The General Administration of Foreign Trade Audit (AGACE) of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), through the Central Administration of Certification and International Affairs of Foreign Trade Audits, already issues requirements to companies with VAT and IEPS certification requesting payment of fees (for registration and renewal), updates and surcharges of the years in which they have had it.

In the consultation of an official document of this type, it stands out that the AGACE states that in the follow-up made to the renewal of certification of the recipient company of this 2020, “it was not possible to verify that it is in compliance with all of the necessary requirements to maintain the registration in the Registry in the Company Certification Scheme, VAT and IEPS modality… among them the payment of fees for renewal ”.

Due to the above, this authority required the company to present the bank receipt for the payment of fees for its renewal this year, and to prove the payment of the fees corresponding to the fiscal years in which it had the Certification VAT and IEPS.

Within Mexico’s automotive sector, automotive parts are the most important segment in sales to t The AGACE granted a period of 20 business days after the effect of the request to comply with the requested information. Failure to do so will initiate the procedure for canceling the Registration in the Business Certification Scheme, VAT and IEPS modality.

Regarding the above, the National Association of Users of Foreign Trade Systems (INCOMEX) Association encourages companies with VAT and IEPS Certification to make the payment of rights corresponding to the years in which they have had it, including the last renewal, since the information from the authority is clear when mentioning that if not, a cancellation procedure would be initiated.

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